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” …These are Zion sounds with JA/U.K./NL vibrations. Their ability to capture true vibration with their total originality is amazing. Masterclass all the way…”


Greetings Music Lovers,


Northern Dub Mystic is a dub duo formed in 2016 by Marc de Jonge (mixboard, guitars,

keyboard, drums) and Marco “Hightower” van den Berg (bass, vocals, melodica). Northern

Dub Mystic is based in The Netherlands and records all music in their own Maple Wood

Studios, Assen.


In the summer of 2016 we released our self titled debut album which was well received

and got some great reviews:


Bob “Heigherman” Heilman on www.reggae-vibes.com

“…a superb and deeply satisfying debut”, “..amazing how two great musicians can create

such a full sound”, “…this duo captures absolute originality…”, “…massive respect to Marc de

Jonge who is a master at the mix board…”, “One of the top Dub releases of 2016…Essential

listening over and over…”


Midnight Raver Blog: www.midnightraverblog.com

Be sure to check the new Northern Dub Mystic album! My sleeper dub smash album of



Reggae Roots Review: www.ReggaeRootsReview.com

There is some really nice song writing on the album, its a varied and clever melting pot. You

can feel their passion and pride for the music they love. Anyone who likes heavy dub or in

fact anyone who likes a European melodic influence on their reggae, will no doubt like this

album. These are twelve tracks of well crafted modern reggae, that once played will be very

difficult to get out of your head”. (end quotes)



Our second album is out now! The title of this second one is “ROUGH” and can be listened on spotify (also Itunes, Google Play etc.). Follow the links below to go there!


Dub on!

Northern Dub Mystic

Nortern Dub Mystic is also available on Spotify, Itunes, Google Play etc.etc!



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Contact us: info@northerndubmystic.com

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